Wafer bonding

Full Wafer Packaging - SOI

microfab is able to do direct, face-to-face bonding of silicon and pyrex (glass) wafers. The following standard processes are available:

  • Silicon direct bonding (SDB)
  • Anodic bonding of silicon to pyrex wafers
  • Glass frit bonding
  • Eutectic bonding
  • High temperature fusion bonding of silicon wafers

Thermocompression and Anodic Bonder

The  Bonder available at microfab is a semiautomatic, computer-controlled, stand-alone substrate bonder equipped with a vacuum/pressure chamber and a loading arm. The machine processes aligned and unaligned 100 and 150mm wafers. The alignment accuracy of this tool is listed as being 3 µm (3 σ).

All bonding pair alignment is done on the Bond Alignment tool, the substrate stacks are mechanically clamped using a transport fixture, and then transported and bonded within the chamber. Triple stack bonding is possible.