Back end processes

Dicing - Bonding - Packaging

For prototyping and small series production microfab offers Back end services as following. For larger numbers microfab recommend to outsource services to one of our Packaging Partners.

wafer dicing

microfab offers services using an automatic wafer dicing machine for separation of different materials such as silicon, glas or ceramic. Substrate dimensions up to 150mm of diameter and thicknesses up to 2mm can be diced.

Stealth Laser Dicing

Stealth Laser Dicing is a zero-waste, dry process which does not require any cleaning. Kerf width can be drasticly reduced. Stealth Laser can be applied to multi-project-wafers or MEMS and various Silicon based materials, as the dry process suits products which have to be protected from water or contamination. Stealth Laser Dicing is a two-stage process. Firstly, the laser beam is focused in the inside of the Silicon wafer creating an amorph layer. Secondly, in order to separate the dies, external force is applied to singulate the dies along the modified layer.

die bonding

An epoxy die bonder allows to apply different glue materials, soldering and glas pastes which can be dispensed precisely. The possibility to position the die accurately to a carrier or socket is given as well. A preform/die attach machine allows the use of different preform materials for soldering and eutectic die attachment.

wire bonding

microfab offers two different possibilities for wire bonding: Ball-Wedge and Wedge-Wedge bonding with different wires. Gold and aluminium wires are used in a diameter range from 25µm to 50µm. Quality control of bond connections can be done by a pulltest machine.

For larger numbers microfab recommend to outsource services to one of our Packaging Partners