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Surface treatment

Self Assembling Monolayers

Surface stiction is a major problem during fabrication of MEMS components, such as silicon sensors, microactuators or microfludic devices. In addition, the same phenomena are a limiting factor for reliability and lifetime of these components on the customer’s side.

SAM Coating

The gas-phase SAM (self-assembling monolayers) coating process for micro components reduces or eliminates adhesion related phenomena. Essential for the industrial use of hydrophobic SAM-based coatings is the existence of a process suitable to be integrated in an industrial environment for fabrication of large volumes (serial production). microFAB has developed such a process together with international partner companies (Europlasma, Sonion A/S) and institutes (IMSAS Bremen, MIC/DTU Lyngby) in the scope of the European funded CRAFT project called HydroSurf.

Benefits of SAM coating

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