Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition

LPCVD technology is used for uniform, double side deposition of 100 and 150mm size silicon wafers with dielectric or poly-silicon layers at moderate to high process temperatures. Processing is done in three Centrotherm furnaces with 4 tubes each. All applied standard processes are SPC monitored. The layer thickness is measured on test wafers after each run.

Centrotherm furnace for up to 150mm wafers

Currently available LPCVD thin films

LTO (low Temperature oxide), 100 up to 1200nm
TEOS, 100 up to 1200nm, larger thickness possible by multiple depositions and intermediate annael steps
Silicon Nitride (storchiometric), 50 up to 200nm, 1.1GPa tensile stress
Silicon-rich-Nitride (low stress nitride), 50 up to 800nm, 50 to 150 MPa tensile stress
Poly-Silicon undoped, 50 up to 3000nm
Poly-Silicon in-situ boron doped, 50 up to 3000nm, resistivity >0.015 Ohm cm

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