Diffusion & Doping

Diffusion & Annealing

Quartz furnace processes (Centrotherm) under inert gas (N2) atmosphere for 100 and 150mm wafer size, batch quantity: up to 25 wafers per run dedicated furnace stacks for p- and n-type dopants and metallization layers are available.

The following standard processes are available:

Centrotherm furnace for up to 150mm wafers

annealing after ion implantation (boron/arsen/phosphorus) @ 950°C, 30 min
diffusion (dopant drive in) after ion beam implantation (boron/arsen/phosphorus) @ 1100°C, time variable (process time based TESIM simulation results)
post-sputter annealing of Al-Si contacts @ 350/400°C, 30 min

Furnace Doping

A dedicated tube on our Centrotherm furnace system is installed for saturation-level doping with phosporus (POCl3 source). Low sheet resistances of 11 to 20 Ohm/ can be achieved in a batch process with 100 and 150mm wafer.

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