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microFAB - Knowledge & Experience

Restructured in 2010 by top scientists and technicians,
microfab today belongs to the leading MEMS Service provider worldwide.
microfab gives you services and developement ressources for MEMS for i.e. automotive, communications, medical consumer electronics and other applications. We offer specialized MEMS process technologies and a wide range of modular options, as well as technical guidance and extensive design support.
Believing in what we do

microfab's highly skilled, motivated and interdisciplinary team of engineers and technicians, supported by project managers and business experts, mycrosystems technology is more than just a job. we believe in what we do. We also believe in responding to enquiries and completing our assignments with steadfast precision and speed.

Having now served a broadly based market for several years, we have gained an invaluable store of experience in responding to a whole host of different tasks, requirements and conditions.
Our customers from the centerpiece of all we do