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Packaged Pressure Sensor Die

Surface-mount Pressure Sensor PE1.3N/PE8.0T

Pressure Sensor

SMD solderable Micro Pressure Sensor

The surface-mount pressure sensor comprises of a micromachined capacitive absolute pressure sensor element placed in a ceramic package. The sensor die itself is fabricated on the surface of a nonconductive substrate to lower parasitic capacitances and to increase sensitivity. The micromachining and subsequent packaging process yields a floating pressure sensitive capacitance of high electrical quality. Additional technical data on the micromachined sensor elements can be found in the datasheets E1.3N and E8.0T.

The PE1.3N/PE8.0T-3.0SQ can be treated as a standard two terminal SMD capacitor. Additional shielding contacts to the package metallization and lid should be tied to ground but are not electrically connected to the sensor element.

The sensor die-attach and environmental protection is designed for the industrial temperature range of -20°C to +85°C and operation in ambient air.

Available Package

LCC 3.0SQ The surface-mount pressure dependent capacitance PE1.3N/PE8.0T-3.0SQ has two sensor terminals and can be treated electrically as a ceramic SMD capacitor.

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