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microfab is service provider in the field of silicon-based micro-systems technology. Our production lines, located in two Class 10 to 100 cleanrooms, feature state-of-the-art facilities that permit wafers of 100 to 150mm to be processed. We can provide standard MEMS production technologies like surface micromachining, bulk micromachining, silicon deep etching (DRIE, Bosch process), wafer bonding as well as 3D microforming.

In this section please find detailed information about fabrication services microfab offers:

  • Thin films - Thin film deposition techniques are used to deposit a wide variety of materials on the wafer surface

  • Diffusion & Doping - Quartz furnace processes (Centrotherm) under inert gas (N2) atmosphere

  • Lithography - microfab┬┤s Photolithography department is located in a class 10 clean room cell

  • Wet etching - Wet chemical etching is commonly used for uniform stripping or patterning through a mask

  • Dry etching - Dry etching techniques (RIE, ion beam and plasma etching) are intensively used at microfab

  • Deep Trenches - DRIE is a high aspect ratio, deep trench silicon etching process (Bosch process)

  • Wafer bonding - microfab is able to do direct, face-to-face bonding of silicon and pyrex (glass) wafers

  • Back end - For prototyping and small series production microfab offers Back end services

For more and detailed information please don┬┤t hesitate to contact our production team