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Wafer bonding

Wafer Level Bonding

microfab is able to do direct, face-to-face bonding of silicon and pyrex (glass) wafers. The following standard processes are available:

SUSS SB6 Thermocompression and Anodic Bonder

The SUSS Bonder SB6 is a semiautomatic, computer-controlled, stand-alone substrate bonder equipped with a vacuum/pressure chamber and a loading arm. The machine processes aligned and unaligned 100 and 150mm wafers. The alignment accuracy of this tool is listed as being 3 µm (3 σ).

All bonding pair alignment is done on the SUSS BA6 Bond Alignment tool, the substrate stacks are mechanically clamped using the transport fixture, and then transported and bonded in the SB6 chamber. Triple stack bonding is possible.

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