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Thin films

Thin Film Deposition

Thin film deposition techniques are used to deposit a wide variety of materials on the wafer surface. This films can be used for their electrical, electrochemical, thermal, piezoelectric, magnetic or mechanical properties. They are usually either selectively deposited (i.e. lift off) or selectively etched away after deposition to form patterned thin films. Commonly deposited layer thickness ranges between tens of nanometers to a few microns.

Numerous techniques exist for thin film deposition. Commonly used in micromachining are:

Silicon Oxidation CMOS-compatible quartz furnace processes (Centrotherm), try and wet oxidation 100 and 150mm wafer size, batch quantit...

Thin film sputtering Sputtering and evaporation are both physical vapor deposition techniques used at microFAB to form metal and compound/...

PECVD The PECVD technology is used for deposition of dielectric layers at low temperature. Compared to LPCVD where high tem...

LPCVD LPCVD technology is used for uniform, double side deposition of 100 and 150mm size silicon wafers with dielectric or ...

Electroplating Electroplating of pure metals, such as gold, nickel and copper, as well as alloys of gold and nickel are available fo...

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Silicon Oxidation