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microfab´s Photolithography department is located in a class 10 clean room cell. Several positive photoresist systems in the thickness range between 1.1 and 60 µm are available. One fully automated SSE Spin and Coat Module (Maximus) and two Convac spinners are set up for resist coating. All layouts are on 5 or 7 inch chrome-on-glass masks.

Two SUSS mask aligners (MA150, MA6) and two Electronic Vision (AL6, AL4) mask aligners are available for alignment & exposure. Backside alignment ( ± 2 µm overlay accuracy) is possible. The maximum resolution of 0.8 µm (lines/spaces) is achived with a 1.1 µm AZ1518 positive resist. Resist developement is done on the Dainippon track system or the Convact tools. Thick positive resist (AZ4562) is used for microform application with thicknesses of 20, 30, 40, and 60 µm and aspect ratios of up to 6:1.

Standard Litho Processes

The following standard processes are available:

Resist thickness [µm] Resist Type Resolution lines/spaces [µm] Aspect ratio min. linewidth [µm] Application
1.1 AZ1518 0.8   0.8 Thin film patterning
1.8 AZ1518 2.0 1:1 2.0 Thin film patterning, implant masking, shallow Si etch
6.5 AZ4562 4.0 1.5:1 4.0 galvanoforming
20 AZ4562   4:1 5.0 Galvanoforming
30 AZ4562   5:1 6.0 Galvanoforming
40 AZ4562   6:1 8.0 Galvanoforming
60 AZ4562   6:1 10.0  
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